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"You gave me advice on getting my Chinese friend to be my girlfriend. worked!!!  I told her exactly what you told me to tell her.  She was quite impressed. Then she said yes when I asked her to be my girlfriend.  Thank you for all your help.  It really means a lot to me."  John

"I am an Asian man and I just want to say that Ming gave me excellent advice on how to approach Asian women."

"Thank you, Ming, it is so difficult to find sites where Caucasians can find Asian changed all that with your site!"

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THE BOOK, How to Attract Asian Women!
Ever wished you could be a fly on the wall and listen to what some Asian women are saying to each other about dating, relationships and men?  Now you can--just read this book!  This book includes hundreds of quotes from  100+ single Asian females about the subject. These Asian ladies ranged from age 19 to 58, most of them living in major cities in the United States.  If you want to attract someone like one of them, listen to them! 

Part 1 of this book explores hot relationship issues that are passionately debated, such as:

*Why some men prefer Asian women
*What Asian women think of men who prefer Asian women
*How some Asian women are different from non-Asian women due to Asian culture, Asian American history, and U.S. immigration laws

Part 2 of this book discusses the various Asian cultures.

For the man who is interested in attracting that special Asian woman, Ming Tan's Asian female interviewees reveal:

*Do they find non-Asian men attractive and want to date them?
*The good news for Asian men
*How men should approach them
*Things men should never say to Asian women
*How to meet them on the Internet and locally
*How to act on a first date
*What makes a man sexy
*How to act when meeting an Asian family
*Asian etiquette tips and Asian culture tidbits

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